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Live remixing NOSO

Mental Overdrive (7 of 14)

I’m doing a couple of live remixing gigs over the next month. The first one is in on Friday March 16th in Bodø, where I’m sampling the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra (NOSO) performing “Shaker Loops” by John Adams. The second gig is in Tromsø on April 12th, where violinist Martin Truscott and NOSO are performing the same piece.

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For Christian H

Earlier this year we unexpectedly lost our good friend Christian Hollingsæter AKA Le Petit Garçon. Following his tragic passing, Geir Jenssen (Biosphere), took the initiative to compile an album of exclusive works from Christian’s vast network of artist friends for release through his label Biophon, with the main purpose of giving all sales income to Christian’s son Julian. The album is now available from the Biophon bandcamp page above and on CD through selected retailers.

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Subscribe to my Bandcamp page


You can now subscribe to my personal artist Bandcamp page. In addition to becoming the coolest person in the world you get instant access to stream and download my entire back catalogue, plus all new releases as they are made available. I will also make some special items such as live recordings and bonus tracks available for subscribers only to show my appreciation of your special support. Click here to get onboard.