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Illumination re-issued

Illumination’s “The Way Out Is The Way” is now available on Optimo Trax’ “Drum Attack EP (Lost weapons from the 1990’s”). This vinyl re-issue was originally planned for release in October 2014, but was delayed until now due to problems with manufacturing (not so surprising, as it’s pretty bass-heavy, though we’re yet to hear the full details from Optimo HQ). In any way you can now finally pick it up through your favourite vinyl store, like Clone Records. There’s also a nice review of the 12″ over at Juno Plus. Illumination was a collaboration project consisting of Per Martinsen and Nicholas Sillitoe, who also did a string of remixes under their Chilluminati guise in the late nineties/early noughties.

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Illumination goes way out on Optimo Trax

The mighty Optimo will release an old goldie from our Illumination catalogue on their new “Drum Attack” EP of “secret DJ-weapons”. The track in question is “The way out is the way”, which is taken from the B-Side of a 10inch single initially released through Music Man Records back in 1998. Quite a different affair than the more deep and housey material we released under the Illumination moniker, the tune had Optimo’s JD Twitch in for a surprise when he received the master and realized the original vinyl was intended to be played on 33rpm, and not 45rpm as he’d been doing all this time. The release date is set to late October 2014, and you can preview the EP in the player above. There’s also some more info on the release over at Juno Plus.

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UK events in April

I’ll be heading over to London in the beginning of next month for the screening of Kostya Shamshin’s “Ghost Radio Hunter” at the National Portrait Gallery on Friday April 4th, followed by a DJ-gig/album launch at Big Chill House later on the same night. Both events are part of Noise of Art’s month of events celebrating 100 years of live electronic music, which you can read more about here.

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‘CYCLS’+’Everything is connected’

Print LoD1401

December 21st will see the release of my album CYCLS, which is a collection of tracks I initially put up on my Bandcamp page last year as an ‘Advent Calendar’ for the 2012 ‘Mayan End Date’. The album is called CYCLS to celebrate the way I believe the concept of time actually works – moving in cycles for all of eternity, just like great vinyl records. It also marks the time to bury every concept of ‘doomsday’, which I believe has been created for the sole purpose of inciting fear in, and thereby controlling people. So enough of that.

I will also release another album on January 23rd 2014. This one is called ‘Everything is connected’, and will be a compilation of an EP series by the same name I did over the last couple of years, plus some bonus tracks.

Both these albums will be available as digital albums and on CD through Love OD Communications, and there are also plans to press selected tracks on vinyl. Watch this space for updates.