m e n t a l o v e r d r i v e d o t e v e r y t h i n g


My real name is Per Martinsen, and I have been releasing records, creating remixes and doing live shows under the name Mental Overdrive ever since my first release for R&S Records  – the “12000 AD” EP – back in 1990. As the name of the debut suggests, I have been rather preoccupied with the future for some time now, a future I reckon has eventually caught up with me, and even regressed from reaching its ‘peak time’ sometime during the 2000’s (this is more thoroughly discussed in the liner notes of my compilation ‘The Phuture that never happened’ – released on Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound in 2005). Over the last decade I have released several albums for said Smalltown, a series of 12″ for Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp imprint, and a string of EP’s on my own label Love OD Communications. Recently I have also been preoccupied with creating transmedia art projects, writing scores for old Russian silent movies and producing a new Frost album with my partner Aggie – all while carefully monitoring the melting of the ice-cap under the northern lights after relocating to my native Tromsø in Northern Norway back in 2008.

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