m e n t a l o v e r d r i v e d o t e v e r y t h i n g

Tromsø, Tromsø

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I’m very happy to announce the soon-to-arrive new module “Tromsø” by Bastl Instruments. The basic idea of the module is to emulate digital downsampling by the use of three analogue circuits (VCO/Comparator/Sample&Hold), and it is based on the “Distortotron” initially created by Psybe (Svein Berge and Henrik Sundt) back in 1994. The Distortotron was a one-in-a-kind module that was central in shaping the Mental Overdrive sound on my debut album “Plugged”, and several singles and remixes made around the same time. Tromsø will be shipping in June, and you can see Václav from Bastl preview the module at last weekend’s Superbooth in Berlin in the below video interview courtesy of Cuckoo (from around 19.15)


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