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Two “Spellemann” nominations for 2014

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I’m surprised to learn that the two albums I’ve released over the last 12 months, “CYCLS” and “Everything is connected”, are both nominated for the Norwegian “Spellemann” awards (our version of the Grammy awards). Both are listed in the “Electronica/Dance” category, alongside my old label-mate from the Smalltown Supersound days – Kim Hiorthøy – and his album “Dogs”. Strangely enough our biggest national success of the year – the good man Todd Terje and his bestseller “It’s album time” – is not included at all in this year’s nominations. Spokepersons from the award committee explain this by referring to the fact that it is the labels themselves that have to register their releases in order to be included in the nomination process. Whatever the reasons, I’m sending a big shout-out to Terje and all the other heads on the Norwegian scene who have been releasing great music throughout the year, and hope 2015 will be even better. You can check out my nominated albums through the Bandcamp players above.


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