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Monster the movie (In English)

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Love OD Communications


A few of our international friends have been asking about the “Monster the movie” post that we put up on our website and Facebook page (in Norwegian) this week, so we thought we owed an explanation in English:

Basically, we’re applying for crowdfunding for the completion of our new film “Monster”, which is a collaboration between director Carl Christian Lein Størmer and Love OD Communications.

Those of you who have seen our previous collaboration, “Ghost radio Hunter”, which was made in connection to the Frost album “Radiomagnetic”, might have a slight idea of what to expect. Those of you who haven’t, but are curious to see it, can PM us on Twitter or Facebook, or send a mail to loveod@mac.com to attain a password-protected link for a private viewing of GRH (the film is still doing the rounds at film festivals around the globe, so we cannot make it…

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